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fic of DOOM

Okay, so I've been searching for this fic and I can not find it anywhere! It doesn't say anything against this in the rules....

It's a Jesse/Adam where Adam kisses Jesse by his church, Jesse freaks out and leaves. Yeah, what's up with those types of fics? lol. Anyway, John comes in to help Adam out, even though they aren't close friends. So John and Adam get closer, and they get involved. Adam's phone breaks! Haha. Then at the end, Jesse comes back. John knew where he was the whole time, and was talking to him. John also had a boyfriend when he was pretending to be with Adam.
Uh, very vague, but that's all I have.

And the fic isn't the one with the finger puppets. Haha, that was the best...

but seriously, if someone could find it, I would be able to sleep peacefully. This is really driving me mad.
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