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lacey_loves_laz's Journal

Jesse Lacey <3's Adam Lazzara
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Because we all know that the whole 'Ihateyousomuchdiehaha'thing is just a front, meant to hide the passionate love felt by Jesse Lacey for Adam Lazzara, I created this comm.

Rules: 1) No fighting.

2) NO NEWBIE POSTS. I cannot stress that enough. NONE.

3) We all accept that Jesse is more than likely with John Nolan not with Adam Lazzara. Please do not point this out, or there will be a banning from the comm, my LJ, and basically every place I ever moderate. I am harsh. Deal with it.

4) All posts behind the LJ-cut. If you cannot do the LJ cut, ask me. I'll help you.

5) no tippinfg lyke dis!!1!

6) No pimping other comms. I'm saying this now so you won't be in shock when I delete your posts.